The Rising

A Conversation...


The men sat in Hero’s Gate, naught but a single candle lit. The rafters were shut, the door locked. Everyone had been told to enter through the cellar, earlier in the day, and told to find an unrented room and wait. No eyes were to even see the men anywhere near the tavern all day, though nobody had noticed the small child, hiding. A plot was in the making, although those that were implicated didn’t yet know it.

“He’s gone too far” stated Witten, years of turning a blind eye, overlooking incidents and dealing with random dead bodies pouring out in that one single utterance. Tiredness, frustration, and a desire for change that had finally overtaken any other emotions of caution, fear or even acceptance that the quarter needed Davos Karn.

“He needs to be…made…he needs to be made gone. It’s been on my mind for some time now, years. But the time wasn’t right. But you, you’re all different…you’re…touched by something…the gods perhaps. All of you, I’m asking you to join me. To kill Davos Karn”.

The reaction was explosive. Although no noise was made, it was the atmosphere that was dynamite. Fear, curiosity, greed, excitement, guilt…A sudden shift; unthinkable but moments before, but by merely speaking its possibility, Haraald Witten had broken the spell. It was possible. It wasn’t like he was a god or anything.

One of the party thought carefully to himself. Perhaps it had all been a spell…some kind of charm or enamour.
Theo was the first to object.
“I have family” he said. A simple thing to utter. A dreadful burden to bear in a thing such as this. Especially where Davos Karn was concerned.

“I know” said Witten, “and that’s why you more than anyone must know, he has to go”.

Theo was about to interject, but Witten held up his hand.

“Theo. The fire. Gustus paid Theodore to burn down your gym. Didn’t you think that was a bit extreme? Yes he’s got a thing against you, but someone could have been killed there. You really think he had the stones or the brains? It was Davos. Davos orchestrated it all. He told Gustus to hire Theodore, so he had premise to move on Theodore. You’ve been played Theo, and your livelihood, and your family, were the pieces”.

The room went deadly silent. Outside, a pigeon cawed.


The rope hanging the silence broke at the sound of Theo’s chair scrapping the wooden floor of the tavern. He moved to the bar, wine spilling on the counter as he poured himself another glass.

“No one can touch him. I mean literally that no man can touch him. How are we going to stop this man? And what if we do? They’ll be war in the streets as new men look to grasp the power he leaves behind.

And what of the banks? Is that all a lie by Davos? Or are the city coffers really empty?" He sat back down at the table, bottle of wine in hand.

“What say you all?”

A Conversation...

“I know it’s not that simple Theo. In fact, it’s even more desperate than that.
1. Straight up, shock and awe, murder. Obviously, not our best option. Even if you got passed his guards, like you said, none of us really know what Davos himself is capable of. On top of that, revenge would be swift. Remember, Davos has powerful friends.

2. We discredit him. The long game, and the longer it goes on, the more dangerous it gets. No one can as much as shit in the streets without Davos finding out about it. Besides, how much can a man who openly admits murder be discredited?

3. We go to the other Street Lords in the other quarters. Yes, there’s a pact amongst them all to expose any sedition in any quarter, but if they were to find out Davos plans to take over the Southern quarter after defeating Theodore, well, perhaps they could be persuaded. Again, the risks are great.

4. Reason with Davos himself. He’s not an irrational man. Problem is, reason with him long enough, and either you’ll end up persuaded to his point of view, or without arms and feet.

None of them are pretty options. And yes, when he’s gone, the streets will be twice as dangerous, for a time. But vacuum’s get filled lads, eventually.

Anyway, these are my thoughts, but I’m open to others. But can I count on us all agreeing the basic premise then, that something needs to change?

A Conversation...

Let me speak to him first, see what information I can get. I’ve been testing his resolve; why else do you think I’ve been behaving so unwarily and aggravating in his presence? I needed to find out how much I was worth to him, and after the first incident where he threatened to cut off my hand for touching his food (but did not) I tested the waters further, deeper and deeper.

I’ve been playing a long and dangerous game, but one which ultimately I knew I’d likely win. Now I can call his bluff and find out why he hasn’t had me removed. His mask slipped during the gang fight. Maybe he was impressed by the muscle I had backing me, but maybe he just needed absolute chaos surrounding before he could speak plainly; for he approached me, alone, while the fight ensued, as an equal, and we talked.

Noe I too can remove my mask, this jesters mask that I wear with distaste. Underhand, yes, but from what I had heard of Davos before I came here led me to believe that only a great charade would get me the information I needed.

He may not have realised it, but Buffington Enterprises has been waging a Cold War on Davos since I arrived. I will speak with him now, and when I return the Hot War begins.

A Conversation...

Be careful Buffington, you aren’t for sure a match for him. You are new here and young, he’s been here a lot longer and likely toys with you back.

But there is more to it. He is some sort of wizard, maybe an elementalist. He will have a weakness. If we can find out what it is we can take him out. When he was touched the person turned to ash, as did the man he touched. We should find a priest of Hoenir and consult him about these “symptoms.” Maybe we can find out what his weakness is and douse the flames of his corrupted soul and end his tyranny.

Going openly head to head with him can not be the best way of going about this. He will crush is unless we act quickly and decisively to exploit any weakness like the will surely do to us if given the time.

I agree now is the time to strike, with his mind focused on the southern quarter. But we can not just defeat him with man power and coin, I am sure of that.

A Conversation...
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