Tsan Chu

Director of The Port Bank


Tsan hails from Rawdah, of The Free Emirate States in Al Shirkuh, a bustling port city that was until a century ago renowned for vice, rife with as much crime and poverty as there was coin changing hands. It was after the ascension of the visionary Sultan Hassan Habir III in 409 (Rassilon Calendar) that the city began to change, with the slums being cleaned out and grand boulevards and palaces built in their stead, into the self-titled ‘City of Heroes’ it is today.

Chu Yokan, Tsan’s father, was a powerful figure in the criminal underworld of Rawdah. The Sultan knew he had to get the crime lords onside before starting his grand transformation and so offered Chu the chance to turn his empire into a legitimate trading business. He was gifted monopoly on the export of the local rare minerals and ores, and this was how he came into contact with Biff Buffington – the katana ‘Debt-claimer’ was forged from a compound of such ores, and gifted to Buffington upon sealing their first contract.

Tsan’s eldest brother, Nagama Chu, took charge of the family business when Chu Yokan grew too old to manage. Superiority by birth order is sacrosanct within Rawdah, and Nagama was all too obliging to treat his younger sibling as nothing more than a nuisance and a burden. Tsan knew the only chance to claim any real power for himself existed outside of The Free Emirates. Aged 36, Tsan visited Griff Buffington in the winter of 479 as a son to a godfather asking for advice on such a venture, and his desires gave Griff the perfect opportunity to begin enacting his father’s dying wish. Chu Yokan’s wealth was equally distributed to his sons upon his death, and with this (alongside a hefty investment from Buffington Enterprises) he set-up The Port Bank as a gift to the newborn Cliff.

Tsan is now 57 and lives a steady, comfortable life with his wife and 4 children, investing the bank’s profits wisely for reliable, long-term growth.


Tsan Chu

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