Filip Eastport and Jönas ap-Stenn

Shipping Managers for Buffington Enterprises


Filip Eastport (49, left) and Jönas ap-Stenn (31, right) in a logistics meeting with Cliff Buffington – 499.

Jönas and Filip both work for Buffington Enterprises as Shipping Managers in Glassport, Aspiria, and Port Helgen, The Principality of Hergenald, respectively. Cliff’s arrival in New Asper has seen them both often travelling to the city, Jönas more so than Filip due to the inherently greater distance.


Jönas’s family have worked for the Buffington’s since Huff’s day, originally as dock-hands in the Eastern Quarter until evacuating to Glassport in 411 before the fall of New Asper. When Biff escaped the Siege of Vergo and relocated to The Principality of Hergenald, Jönas’s grandfather was essential in quickly re-establishing and transitioning the trade links that served as a lifeline to the business, and was duly rewarded with managerial status – a position which has been held solely by the family to this day.

His manner is gruff, and when it comes to managing the Glassport docks (both legally or otherwise) he bears an external ruthlessness akin to that of the Buffingtons. However he inspires loyalty in those under his management, actively encouraging his workers to join unions and guilds, and for this reason is sole recruiter for Buffington gang-members in Aspiria; Cliff’s establishment in New Asper would not have been possible without Jönas providing the necessary man-power. The excitement of the expansion has Jönas looking for someone to replace him in Glassport (for the time being, at least) as new possibilities present themselves.

Filip comes from a meagre fishing family on the outskirts of Port Helgen. Starting out as a cabin-boy on a commercial freight ship aged 13, he has steadily worked his way up the ladder and back onto land, signing on as a dock supervisor for Buffington Enterprises aged 28. Filip was able to capitalise on the relatively laid-back work ethic around Port Helgen through diligence and graft to get himself into his respectable current position, and is often cited as a success story in defence of Griff Buffington’s monopoly on the ports. He keeps himself to himself for the most part but is utterly reliable to complete any task given to him.

Filip Eastport and Jönas ap-Stenn

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