Davos Karn

Owner of three fighting rings and several taverns, whorehouses and places of ill repute


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Davos Karn is a success, by his own standards, and much of New Aspur. No one knows of Davor’s exact origins, except that they were poor. Verging close to his sixties, Davos is a wealthy man, with no family. He is not big or strong, yet exudes power and instills fear. In short, Davos will do what it takes. Stories abound, families that have been butchered, rivals who have had one eye boiled while they watched, informants who have had a single limb cut off every day for a week until they died.

Davos is nigh on untouchable, not just because of the stories that drive the fear, but other rumours; Davos has powerful friends. Political friends. When Davos takes an interest in your fighting ring, it’s not always good. He’ll arrive unannounced, sit, and demand attention. Word has it that one minor ring owner let Davos wait while his family finished their evening meal. They were promptly murdered, at the end of business, of course.

All who Davos visit must do away with their pride, and any notions of ringside honour. His fights are fixed. Everyone knows it, but nobody says it. Davos can pretty much get anything for anyone, but owing him one, that’s not a safe place to be. And he never accepts gold. A man like Davos knows that money isn’t real power.


Davos Karn

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