Thoronir Black

Senior Professor at Bethesda College, New Asper.


Race: Anari
Age: 73
Height: 6’
Weight: 65kg
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Piercing blue

Agility – D4
Smarts – D10
Spirits – D8
Strength – D4
Vigour – D4

Fighting – D4
Healing – D6
Knowledge (History) – D6
Knowledge (Natural) – D8
Knowledge (Supernatural) – D10
Notice – D6
Spellcasting – D10
Survival – D6

Edges – Arcane Background (Heahwizardry), Linguist, Familiar (Nicodemus).
Hindrances – Elderly, Heroic, Loyal.
Languages: Anari, Classical Anari, Aspirian, Sandspeech, Dwarven, Finnari, Saxa, Tuomi, Blacktongue, Taiga Elven.


Little is known of Thoronir Black’s life before his arrival in New Asper, though his name appears on several essays in magical theory journals between 460 and 464. He did not arrive in New Asper until 470 so remained a relatively unknown scholar until then.

In the years since he has worked for Bethesda College, one of the most prestigious magical academies in the city. He teaches a variety of subjects including politics and philosophy, though his preference is the study of the arcane. Despite this affinity he has never displayed any signs of innate magical ability himself. Unfounded rumours have occasionally surfaced of him being a Heahwizard, but the absence of a staff has dispelled this. Despite his powerful intellect and long service to the institution he has repeatedly vetoed any attempts to place him in a higher position within the college, preferring to devote his time to nurturing students rather than pursuing politics and promotion.

He is also different to his colleagues in his spare time, eschewing the relative isolation of the college to wander the various districts of the city, talking to members of various communities and offering herbal remedies to those in need, and making use of his abilities as a polyglot. He frequents several taverns in the city, having a taste partiularly for wine, but generally abstains from talking politics when he can.

Physically his body is tall but quite frail, however he is possessed of a warm vigour which belies his burden of years. He has long grey hair and a beard that matches. His face is wrinkled, but friendly, and home to stark, penetrating cerulean eyes and a slightly hookish nose. His right hand is completely black like charcoal, as though burnt. When quizzed on the subject Thoronir claims it was the result of a disastrous magical experiment in his youth.

He often has an exotic-looking bird with red and golden plumage with him. Over the years this has varied from a chick, to a full grown specimen and back again. Most people speculate that he simply gets a new one after the previous bird dies, but no one is sure where from as none of the menageries in the city house such a bird.

Thoronir Black

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