The Wolf

A Pit Fighter of some repute.


Height: 6’0
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: Unknown, approx. Mid 20s

Agility – D4
Smarts – D4
Spirit – D8
Strength -D8
Vigour – D6

Fighting – D10
Notice – D4
Intimidate – D8
Knowledge Geography – D4
Knowledge Battle – D4
Taunt – D4
Survival – D4
Climbing – D4

Hinderances: Code of Honour (M), Loyal (m), Mean lookin’ (m)

Edges and upgrades : Well equipped (500g), Never back down (elan), Big Bastard (Brawny).


The pit fighter known as ‘The Wolf’ is an enigma within a city of intrigue. A large man of few words and fewer losses, many amongst the city think him to be simple and most pay his Words little heed, though few dare argue with his fists.

The Wolf first came to New Asper as a captive of a pit slavery, found wandering near the Granite Mountains, destined for the less legitimate of the rings. When briefly questioned of his origins, he merely shook his head and mumbled nonsensical answers. He was soon thrown into the pit as a simpleton to be fought for the enjoyment of the crowd. Foolishly believing the man broken, the pit organisers allowed him to retain the gear he had been captured with for the fight, the snarling wolves on his sword and shield earning him the moniker that he now wears as his own.

The first fight was brutal and one sided. Three of the pits fighters lay bloody and mangled before The Wolf, the crowd baying for more. Since that first fight he has fought in hundreds of fights, eventually earning freedom. He now fights as a free man, as it is all he knows, frequenting pits all across New Asper.

The Wolf

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