"You ever hear the expression 'these walls have ears?' Well friend here in Aspira they certainly do, and they belong to the 'gale.


Age: Official town guard records suspect early twenties. Unofficially however, they have no idea.

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Hair colour: Unkown


SSSHHHH! Don’t say that name too loud you idiot! That’s the problem with trying to track down someone who deals in information see, sooner or later they’re gonna find out you’re looking for ‘em! Now, i can tell you what i know, but understand this. If word gets around you heard any of this from ME you’re gonna find yerself in a whole mess o’ trouble, clear?”

“Now, first off, yes Nightingale IS real, although the guard would prefer you to believe otherwise. Nothing spooks the upper class like the idea of someone trading in their deepest darkest secrets, but nonetheless, he does exist. Affiliated with the thieves guild? Again yes, but in this case it’s the guild who would prefer you think otherwise. Before their inevitable escape from the palace dungeons any captured guild members are almost always interrogated on the ‘gale. Of course they deny all knowledge, and the guild would much rather their members didn’t return from the dungeon with various teeth missing, but lets just say the benefits of having a guild member like Nightingale vastly outweigh the negatives”

“A mage? Well sir i dunno who told you that, but that’s a mighty big guess if you ask me. Some folk have said it before, but i doubt it. He’s just a canny fellow, that’s all. No need to start burning witches and the like to catch a mundane thief eh! Tell you what though, i’ll give you a tip on where you might find him, seeing as i’ve just noticed you brought a 2nd bag of coin with you. Word around is he uses an old disused warehouse down at the docks as a dead drop. He gets runners from the guild to do his deals you see. not a big fan of showing up in person, but he still needs to collect his coin, and this way the guild can make sure they get a fair cut. Yup, that’s the one, 3 buildings down from the 2nd pier. Well sir i wish you all the best, and i thankyou for your coin. Farewell”

As the curious stranger leaves the tavern, the rough looking man he was speaking too sits alone at the bar, orders another drink, and starts to mumble into his cup……

“Yes, to the warehouse like you told me, yes that’s right, and i’ll just leave the coin on the bar here? 2nd bag is the guilds cut is it? oh how fucking generous of you. Can i go now?……”


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