Bovert ap-Emeric

Sergeant of the Guard, New Asper


Race: Anari

Age: 51

Height: 5’9" (175 cm)

Weight: 252 lbs (115 kg)

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Hindrances: Code of Honour, Stubborn (Millitary Matters), Ugly (Facial Scars).

Tall for an Anari, Bovert is a thick-set and rapidly ageing man. His dark hair is showing all-too-many greys, and on his weather-beaten face, it can be hard to tell where the scars end and the wrinkles begin. While he is still healthy, not to mention tough as old leather, Bovert’s retirement from the Aspirian Army has made it difficult to maintain his once-sculpted frame. These days, a heavy gut bulges over his belt; but since he could still tear off an orc’s arm, the younger guards rarely mention it!


Born and bred in New Asper, Bovert’s father was a tanner, and his mother an ironmonger. His parents were both aspiring professionals, and did not particularly approve of their son’s ambitions to join the Army of the Aspirian Republic. However, when he decided at 14 that he would become a prize wrestler instead, they soon changed thier mind. He was sent off to enlist immediately, with nothing but a few coppers and a lecture about the virtues of patriotism. By employing his large stature, he illicitly enlisted, claiming to be 16, and thus began a distinguished career of thirty-two years in the Aspirian Army.

During that time, he gained a reputation as a fierce fighter, and when he showed some head for tactics, was promoted to Sergeant. His regiment of halberdiers earned themselves a decorated reputation at the Battle of Bitter Stream (481), when he requisitioned all of the boar-spears in the village for his men, who promptly slaughtered the boar-cavalry outriders of Grungad, the Fifth White Orc. The villiage was fortified and held by Bovert until relief arrived, and the head of the White Orc was taken by Drustan ap-Ventria.

These, and many other brave deeds of Bovert’s Pig-Spitters, have long since been forgotten of course. The youth of New Asper today would not recognise an old hero if one were suspiciously eyeing their drunken idiocy. But some times Bovert gains the attention of Senatorial Officials, seeking to expoloit his credentails as a humble citizen of the Republic who does the right thing and serves his country. For the most part, Bovert simply resents such attention, but he has been known to acquiesce – after all a loyal Republican must do his bit.

For the most part, he spends his days and nights training the local millitia and patrolling the streets of the Capital. When he’s off duty, Bovert spends most of his time reddening the blood-vessels in his nose at the Hero’s Gate, frustratedly and loudly trying to impart his wisdom to aspiring young heroes, who don’t know the meaning of an honest day’s work, however fancy their sword-play might look.

Bovert ap-Emeric

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