Theokritos ap-Drustan, "Theo Drustan"

Owner of the Rek's Gym and Ring and the Against the Hordes supplies shop


Age: 26
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 86kg
Hair colour: Black, shaved. Bearded

Agility- D4
Smarts- D6
Spirits- D6
Strength- D8
Vigour- D6

Notice- D6
Fighting- D8
Persuasion- D6
Intimidate- D6
History- D4
Nature- D4
Healing- D6


As the Son of Drustan “Horde Halter” ap-Ventria, Theo stepped into big shoes when his father died. He inherited his fathers gym and shop, and the pressure of his fathers reputation.

At 26 he spends his time between his first love, wrestling, and running his shop, the Against the Hordes supplies store and the towns militia.

An injury at a young age in the ring left Theo without the agility to make it as a champion wrestler so he took to teaching and training others. His gym, Rek’s Gym and Ring, is one of the smallest of the established arenas in New Asper but before his father died it had a reputation for breeding hard, honest fighters who fought with their hearts as well as their fists.

The shop, Against the Hordes supplies, is one of many in town that sells adventuring equipment and gear. His father opened it when he retired from the military and used his renown and contacts to make it a successful store catering for the needs of budding adventures and heroes. Theo has left the day to day running of the store his friend, and business partner, Katoss Umbersunu.

Theo is also a member of the town militia, volunteering as a nights watchmen patrolling the streets of New Asper and forming up in to military warbands when required.

Theokritos ap-Drustan, "Theo Drustan"

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